Star Citizen Images and Video Show New Vehicle and Kiosks as Crowd Funding Flies Over $154,000,000

Star Citizen Images and Video Show New Vehicle and Kiosks as Crowd Funding Flies Over $154,000,000

Star Citizen shows off a new buggy to travel the game's explorable planets, the kiosk system, and more.

Chris Roberts’ Cloud Imperium Games revealed a brand new vehicle for the upcoming space simulator, and this time around it isn’t a starship, but a landlubbing off-road buggy named Tumbril Cyclone.

The Cyclone comes in five variants with different armament, and is priced between $40 and $70 depending on the options you choose. As usual, keep in mind that all of those starships and vehicles for sales will then be available for purchase with in-game currency when the persistent universe launches. This kind of pre-purchase has the purpose of allowing players to support development if they so wish.

On top of the Cyclone, we get to see a new video giving the usual development update, and showing some more impressive glimpses on the work in progress on both the single player portion Squadron 42, and alpha 3.0, that is coming soon, allowing players to finally land on moons.

We get a good look at the free town of Levski, visual effects, weapons, weapon skins, missions, AI, planetary roads, gravity conditions and cinematics, followed by an extensive glance on the new kiosk system, that will be at the base of the game’s economy.

Incidentally, gotta pay my respects for that lovely Phantasy Star backdrop. It certainly brings back memories.

You can check it out below, and if you want to see more, you can also watch footage on derelict ships, and more on explorable planets.

In the meanwhile, we blinked and the crowd funding tally has flown way past the 154 million dollars. It’s actually almost at 155 now, sitting on $154,800,168 at the moment of this writing, pledged by 1,845,484 backers.

As usual, for the sake of full disclosure, the author of this article is one of those backers.