Star Citizen Made a $27,000 DLC Bundle Exclusively for the $1,000+ Concierge Community

Star Citizen is offering a premium-priced DLC bundled titled The Legatus Pack for the most generous backers of the space-based PC game.

May 28, 2018

In the world of video games, we’ve heard of a few different type of gates. Age gates keeping younger members from mature content or content gates when features are locked behind microtransactions. But Star Citizen developer CIG may have just provided us a DLC gate. There is now a $27,000 DLC bundle only available to premium Concierge backers.

So what is the deal with this premium-priced bundle? Titled the Legatus Pack — likely drawing the name from the similarly-titled high ranking Roman military rank. Dpocumented by publication MMO Pulse in the images below, the pack includes nearly every ship you can get in the game. A grand total of 117. On top of that, the Legatus Pack also includes an additional 163 extra items and skins:

The noteworthy part about the bundle is that it’s only available to Concierge members of the Star Citizen community. In other words, people who have spent more than $1,000 supporting the game. Or, if you haven’t reached that limit yet, you can contact Star Citizen customer support who can help you purchase the bundle.

Without a doubt, a $27,000 bundle that is exclusive to only a select few backers is going to raise some eyebrows in the broader gaming community. Star Citizen seems to get a lot of flack for their crowd-funding initiatives as they work towards a full release.

However, naysayers forget to keep in mind that people can do what they want with their own money and the bundle is entirely optional. If you would rather spend your hard-earned cash on DLC rather than a 2018 Volkswagen GTI or a moderate-sized swimming pool, who are we to judge?

Meanwhile, Star Citizen’s crowdfunding and registered users just keeps plugging along. In late March, the game passed the 2M registered user mark. Meanwhile, the game picked passed the $184M crowdfunding mark within the month.

Star Citizen is available now for PC and Linux.

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