Star Citizen Gets New Cinematic Trailer and Gameplay Revealing Impressive Derelict Ships

Star Citizen Gets New Cinematic Trailer and Gameplay Revealing Impressive Derelict Ships

Star Citizen will let players explore massive derelict ships both in space and planetary surfaces.

Today Chris Roberts’ Cloud Imperium Games released two new videos of its upcoming space simulation and persistent universe Star Citizen.

Apparently, Sea of Thieves isn’t the only game getting info on shiprecks today, as the first video is a cinematic trailer showing derelict ships. They can be found, explored, salvaged and fought upon, both in space and on planetary surfaces.

The second video also focuses mostly on crashed and otherwise abandoned ships, with the developers showing gameplay centered around them, and introducing all the features coming with the system. The team is creating derelict versions for all the ships including with the game, and it has become part of the regular development pipeline for every hull, including massive ones.

We also hear the tease that there is one unique site in the game, belonging to a huge ship, and players will have quite the experience when they find it, experiencing the massive sense of scale. It’s so big, that it’s visible from space when you fly around the planet. I’m guessing it might be a Bengal class carrier, which is the one that appeared in the very first trailer of the game, but this is just my speculation.

On top of this, the second video also includes a general update on development, including the first look on the Anvil Hurricane starship, and on tattoos that we’ll be able to use to decorate our characters.

You can check it out below, and if you want to see more, you can enjoy another video, and the one that came before.

Star Citizen is currently sitting on $153,968,446 in crowd funding, pledged by 1,840,500gamers. For the sake of full disclosure, the author of this article is one of them.

The game is set to release exclusively for PC, including a single player portion named Squadron 42.