Star Citizen Offering Subscriptions Now For A Game Two Years Out

By Miranda Quillen

November 17, 2012

Would you pay $10 or $20 a month for a game that is two years away? Chris Roberts, the head of Roberts Space Industries and developer of Star Citizen is offering it as a way for people to give towards the game’s development without going for one of the larger lump sum payments of several hundred or more dollars. Normally one might call him crazy, but Star Citizen has already raised almost 4.5 Million Dollars out of it’s 2 Million goal.

Below we’ve got a full run down on all the benefits you can acquire by being a subscriber, but for pirate types there’s news as well! The Caterpillar has just been unveiled and unlocked as a donation reward. The Caterpillar is a small multi-person corvette ostensibly build for search and rescue missions, but it’s true goal is piracy. Board and get to looting ye mateys for only $110. It seems like Star Citizen will be extremely well funded, and I have to wonder if there’s plans for a solid gold rec room in their office.


  • The ability to participate in the live monthly team “show and tell.” We will answer twenty questions from subscribers (selected via voting system.) Subscribers will watch the update live as it is being recorded.
  • Jump Point, the monthly digital magazine of Star Citizen. A 4-6 page monthly newsletter which includes updates from the team and new in-universe Star Citizen fiction from the writing team.
  • Access to “The Vault,” a collection of Star Citizen artwork that would otherwise never be seen, including ‘paths not taken’ discarded concept art for the true collector.
  • An exclusive catalog of Star Citizen subscriber merchandise.
  • Your name in the game. We can’t tell you where you’ll find it, but if you subscribe for at least 12 months your name will be located somewhere in the Star Citizen world!
  • Centurion decal for your ship


  • Everything listed above, plus…
  • Visit Cloud Imperium and see how the game is made! Imperator-level subscribers will be allowed one visit per year (scheduled in advance) to the Star Citizen development offices in Austin or Los Angeles.
  • Three wishes – Chris Roberts will personally reply to three of your questions a year.
  • Your name on the wall-of-honor at Cloud Imperium HQ if you subscribe for at least 12 months.
  • Jump Point: Year One, a printed collection of Jump Point issues provided to anyone who subscribes for the entire first year of development.
  • Imperator decal for your Ship.
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