Star Citizen Reveals The Enemy Vanduul and Their Ships, Teases Alpha 2.6 in New Spectacular Trailers

Star Citizen Reveals The Enemy Vanduul and Their Ships, Teases Alpha 2.6 in New Spectacular Trailers

During its Holiday Livestream, Cloud Imperium Games showcased a few rather interesting videos, mostly focused on revealing more of the main enemy alien race in the Star Citizen universe, the Vanduul.

We get to see their ships in a spectacular cinematic trailer, and to hear more about how they’re being created in a developer diary video starring Vehicle Art Director Nathan Dearsley. Some of them, like the escort carrier Driller and the giant carrier Kingship, are absolutely massive.

On top of that, another video showcases how the ship compare against each other in scale, and a fourth gives a 360 degrees view of a Vanduul character model.

The Vanduul, of which you can see more artwork at the bottom of the post, are the main enemy in the Squadron 42 single player campaign, they don’t feel pain the way humans do and they can survive in space vacuum.

Their armor is also directly grafted into their skin, and they communicate with each other not just via speech, but also via gestures and changing their body color. They are an extremely militaristic race, that can easily be defined Star Citizen’s Kilrathi on steroids.

We also get two traulers of the upcoming alpha 2.6 that will be released “soon” bringing a massive amount of new content to backers, including 48 playable ships, 100 sixtilion kilometers of space to explore, 17 missions, two game modes and two maps for the Star Marine FPS portion of the game and more.

Last, but not least, you can see the introduction of the MISC Razor ship, a dedicated racer built by using Xi’An engine and thruster technology.

If you want to see more, including the capital ships used by the human race, you can check out a lot of recent and rather spectacular trailers here. You can also watch a playthrough of the latest planetary demo.
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Before you move on to the trailers, as a genuflection to full disclosure, you should keep in mind that the author of this article is one of those backers.