Star Citizen Reveals RSI Apollo Medical Ship

Star Citizen Reveals RSI Apollo Medical Ship

If you're the kind of person who always plays healers in MMORPGs, the RSI Apollo medical ship might be the choice for you in Star Citizen.

Today Cloud Imperium Games released two videos revealing the RSI Apollo, a brand new ship coming to the upcoming space sim Star Citizen.

The Apollo is basically the perfect ship for those who like to play healers in MMORPGs. In fact, it’s a medical ship, equipped the rescue and treat up to six patient with a crew of two.

The ship spearheads medical gameplay that will be implemented with future updates. It’ll involve planetside hospitals and medical ships able to offer different tiers of treatment to injured players.

Tier 3 (the lowest) facilities will still be able to keep non-fatally-injured patients from dying and bleeding out, but more extensive damage may require finding one able to provide tier 2 and tier 1 treatment.

This also means that there will be specific medical missions including medical delivery (for supplies, organs, and more), recovery of patients or corpses, and rescue of damaged ships and facilities.

In the future medical stations and ships will also be used as respawn points if you meet an untimely end in space.

You can check out the videos below.  If you want to see more, you can check out another recent video showing some shiny new environments. You can also read our recent interview with Global Head of Development and Foundry 42 Studio Director Erin Roberts.

For the sake of full disclosure, keep in mind that the author of this article is one of the backers of the game since the times of the original Kickstarter campaign.