Star Fox 2 Developer Shares His Thoughts on the Game Finally Getting a Formal Release

Star Fox 2 Developer Shares His Thoughts on the Game Finally Getting a Formal Release

Star Fox 2's inclusion on the SNES Classic has an old programmer of the game speaking up to talk about something he never thought would happen.

Yesterday’s reveal of the SNES Classic may not have been the biggest of surprises after last year’s success of the NES Classic, but there was one notable game on the mini-console that shocked almost everyone — Star Fox 2. However, it wasn’t just fans that were pleasantly surprised to see that the game would be releasing with the SNES Classic later this year; one of the game’s former programmers was also excited to see its inclusion on the device.

In a conversation with Kotaku, former Star Fox 2 team member Dylan Cuthbert shared his thoughts on the matter saying, “It made my day. It’s bloody awesome!” Cuthbert was a programmer on the team that created both the original Star Fox in 1993 as well as the game’s sequel, Star Fox 2, which notoriously was canceled at the last minute.

In addition to talking about his excitement to see the game release for the first time later this year, Cuthbert also talked about why it is that Star Fox 2 was canceled in the first place. Essentially, he said it was due to Nintendo not wanting to draw comparisons between the 3D graphics of the SNES compared to that of the recently released PlayStation and Sega Saturn. Cuthbert said the following:

“Our older retro form of 3D just didn’t cut it anymore and Nintendo didn’t want to raise comparisons. I agree that strategically (if not emotionally) it was the correct decision. But now our older retro form of 3D is the new cool kid on the block, it’s perfect timing!”

He went on to share his thoughts on whether or not he ever thought that Star Fox 2 would ever see the light of day:

“Totally weirded out and totally psyched. I mean, I had completely given up on the chance that it might come out. I spent two years of hard work making it and loved every minute. Finally people get to see all the little cool tweaks and things, all the touches and special ideas we threw in there. This game had so much experimentation at the start and that really shows in some of the encounters you’ll come across.”

While it’s cool that fans will finally be able to get their hands on Star Fox 2 this fall, it’s even cooler that developers like Cuthbert who put so much time into creating the game will finally get the satisfaction of seeing it release some twenty years later. The SNES Classic comes out later this year on September 29. Be sure to follow our pre-order article to find out when you can purchase the system in your own region.