Star Fox 2 Receives New Art Following SNES Classic Reveal

Star Fox 2 Receives New Art Following SNES Classic Reveal

Over 20 years later, the long lost Star Fox 2 will finally be releasing this fall on the SNES Classic.

If you haven’t already heard, Nintendo today announced that they would be releasing the SNES Classic — a logical follow up to last year’s NES Classic — this September. While there are 21 fantastic games on the console, perhaps one stood out above the rest: Star Fox 2.

For those who aren’t aware, Star Fox 2 was originally in production for the SNES but was later canceled by Nintendo in 1995. What is perhaps most surprising about the game’s cancellation is that it was nearly finished before Nintendo decided to end production on the title. Star Fox went on to reappear a few years later in 1997 in the classic Star Fox 64, but for years, fans have been left wanting to play Star Fox 2 for themselves.

After revealing the Star Fox 2’s inclusion in the SNES Classic earlier today, Nintendo released a new piece of art for the game promoting it’s inclusion on the system. The gorgeous piece of retro art features classic Star Fox characters like Fox, Slippy, Falco, and Peppy to go along with lesser known characters Fay the poodle and Miyu the lynx. You can check this new piece of art out for yourself in the above featured image.

Let’s just hope that we can get our hands on the SNES Classic when it releases on September 29 as the NES Classic was troubled by shortages. If you want to keep an eye on the throwback console’s pre-order availability, be sure to follow our ongoing article giving you a comprehensive breakdown of where you can purchase the system based upon region.