Star Lords Alpha Build Available Now Via Steam Early Access

on December 6, 2013 12:38 PM

Arkavi Studios and Iceberg Interactive’s 4X strategy space game, Star Lords, is now available through Steam’s Early Access program, offering a large universe to explore, customization and more.

Developed as a tactical, turn-based space-strategy game that gives players eight major races and an “epic-sized complex universe” to enjoy. Arkavi Studios also promises “some renewing twists” to the 4X genre, with features that include economic and politic layers to use diplomacy, intelligence and trade as a way to weaken enemies besides direct confrontation; units called Generals who evolve as they battle; randomly generated tech trees, units and even a universe so that each playthrough is different; “human-like A.I.” that doesn’t cheat and plays be the same rules as human players, modding support; and LAN, hot seat and online multiplayer with matchmaking.

As part of Steam’s Early Access Program, Star Lords Alpha build won’t start off with all features available, with some such as multiplayer, huge galaxies and domestic policies being omitted for testing. But these and other features will open up down the line.

Star Lords is available for $19.99; check out the Star Lords Steam Page for more details and to purchase the game.


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