Star Ocean: Anamnesis Finally Getting a Western Release

Star Ocean: Anamnesis Finally Getting a Western Release

After quite a long wait, the Star Ocean-themed all-stars mobile game Star Ocean: Anamnesis is landing on the western shores.

Today Square Enix announced that the Star Ocean-themed gacha mobile game Star Ocean: Anamnesis is coming west.

The game is in its basic structure your usual free-to-play gacha game in which you can draw a myriad of beloved characters from the Star Ocean franchise, but it comes with very solid visual and pretty interesting action-RPG mechanics.


There is even a co-op mode for those who like enjoying their mobile games with friends. Of course, it’ll come for both iOS and Android, with an application to the iOS beta already open.

Below you can also see the rewards for the pre-registration campaign, which will offer Welch and Faize depending on the number of registrants.


The release window is currently set for July.

Below you can check out the key artwork of the game and a teaser video. If you want to see more, you can check out the original opening animation from the Japanese version, a gameplay trailer, and a sample of the characters that were released last summer.

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