Star Ocean Anamnesis Features New Valkyrie Profile Scenario, Takes Place Between 1 and 2

Star Ocean Anamnesis Features New Valkyrie Profile Scenario, Takes Place Between 1 and 2

A new Valkyrie Profile scenario premieres in the Star Ocean gatcha title, Anamnesis, which is a three chapter event that ties in VP 1 and 2.

Star Ocean Anamnesis, the mobile game, is currently running a three chapter Valkyrie Profile campaign called Valkyrie Profile: The Purged Wizard. The scenario takes place between the first and second games, tying in the plot for both titles. All the original Japanese VAs have returned for the scenario.

Dreamboum posted a nice summary of events spanning the three chapter saga. As a warning, there are heavy spoilers here for both the main games and The Purged Wizard plotline:


Chapter One:

  • As stated in the ending of VP1, Lenneth became a creator since she was reincarnated as a half-elf homonculus by Lezard himself, which allows her power to be limitless and comparable to Odin (who was also an elf). She foiled Loki’s plans and restored Midgard and Asgard from destruction.
  • Lenneth locked Loki deep within herself, never to come out
  • She proceeds to hunt Lezard Valeth to end his life as he was still alive by the end of VP1, but he manages to use the philosopher’s stone to end himself and be reincarnated in the future (there is a constant cycle of rebirth in the world of VP1)
  • While Lenneth sleeps to heal her body, she released all her einherjars to be reborn again in Midgard, living new lives

Chapter Two:

  • Aria is a new character who became sort of a Jeanne D’Arc figure, fighting against the empire of Villnore to defend Astoria.
  • She made a pact with Hel, the ruler of Niflheim to have power in exchange of her soul, she had kind of the same power as Wylfred in Covenant of the Plume, she was apparently able to use the feather, and Hel changed her look (Dark hair) to become more of a goddess figure
  • Gandar (the prick you had to hire to your team in VP1 by orders of Odin) who was reborn as a Villnore general killed her and branded her as an heretic as a result
  • But Aria was the reincarnation of Hrist herself, and now with the Goddesses’ ability to remember their past lives, she hunts Gandar as a sort of personal vendetta as she cared for Aria (in the same way Lenneth cared for her past life as Platina)
    Arngrim, who doesn’t remember his past life, tries to defend Aria and his homeland but ended up getting killed by Gandar, however he is drafted again as an Einherjar by Hrist, working together again despite only Hrist having any memories of it
  • Hel is angry about this, because Aria’s soul was bound to be hers by contract, but Hrist pushes back in defiance of Niflheim
    In the end Hrist goes to slumber again, having ended the war and protected Midgard during the time Lenneth was healing herself. Aria goes to be reborn once more, and Lenneth is awaken. Keep in mind all of it happens in the span of centuries and centuries

Chapter Three:

  • Now Arngrim is at the service of Lenneth, who tries to hunt Lezard once more since he was probably reborn at this stage
  • Mistina and Lezard, who were both reborn and ended up together finds their way to the city of Dipan, who you might know is the city that had the time travel contraption that is heavily featured in both VP1 and 2 (you end up going back in time in both games)
  • They both had no memories of their past lives, but Lezard coming back to the place he died before made him able to remember who he was with the philosopher’s stone
  • Lenneth finds him again, but Lezard activates the device, setting into motion the events of Valkyrie Profile 2 (which is both a sequel and prequel in this way) and it ends with Lezard talking to Princess Alicia like in VP2, acting as a benevolent wizard

Alternate Ending:

  • There is an alternate ending in which Lezard is defeated but Jormugand, a new character who seeks to free Loki, protects lezard and tries to strike a bargain: free Loki for Lezard’s life, something that Lenneth refuses
  • Jormungand seemingly allows Lezard Valeth to live, and leaves
  • Jormungand is said to be a very powerful being and was believed to have been killed by Odin, when she was only locked away similarly to what Lenneth did to Loki. It is then said that the big threat as prophecized by Frei was in fact Jormugand and not Lezard Valeth.
  • This new conflict pushes Lenneth to seek to awaken both Hrist and Silmeria in order to go to war with Jormugand, and also Hel in order to retrieve their former allies.
  • So there is apparently a future where the three Valkyrie Sisters fights together to fight Jormugand, but this is where it ends.

Youtuber Aithere posted the entire event (video just below), if you prefer watching the whole thing instead:

Star Ocean Anamnesis came out for the West in July 2018. Anamnesis also crossovered with both Nier: Automata and Sakura Wars.