Star Ocean: The Last Hope — 4K and Full HD Remaster Receives New (English) Launch Trailer

Star Ocean: The Last Hope -- 4K and Full HD Remaster lands a brand new English trailer for PC and PS4, this time showcasing more gameplay.

We all got to enjoy the latest launch trailer Star Ocean: The Last Hope — 4K and Full HD Remaster yesterday, despite the fact it was all in Japanese. However, Square Enix doesn’t want to exclude the west. To celebrate the release, the JRPG-centric publisher has released a brand-new launch trailer that focuses a bit less on story a bit more on gameplay.

Star Ocean: The Last Hope — 4K and Full HD Remaster has been a game shrouded in surprise. The announcement of the title came as a surprise, only being announced two months ago for both PC and PlayStation 4 without mention of a Western release. The game was then revealed to be coming to North American shores a month later, complimented by a 10% discount that is still in effect.

For those out of the loop, Star Ocean: The Last Hope is a project by developer tri-Ace that launched less than a decade ago on Xbox 360, specifically 2009. The game later made an international launch on PlayStation 3 a year later. There has been no news on whether the game would be coming to Xbox One or Nintendo Switch.

Star Ocean: The Last Hope — 4K and Full HD Remaster is now available for both PC and PlayStation 4. Check out the English launch trailer below:

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