Star Ocean: The Last Hope Coming to PS3

Star Ocean: The Last Hope Coming to PS3

One of the JRPG franchises that used to be a Sony exclusive – Star Ocean– jumped ship to the Xbox 360 earlier in the year.  It was never advertised as being exclusive for that console, so there have, of course, been rumors that it was coming to the PS3 sometime in the future, much like other 360 RPGs.  Those rumors seem to have been proved true.  The game appears to be getting a PS3 release in Japan early next year, dubbed Star Ocean: The Last Hope International.

I quite enjoyed this title when I played it on the 360.  I’m a huge fan of previous Star Oceangames, and this one is no different.  For the re-release they’re tweaking a few things, including one of the biggest issues I had with the game – a wonky targeting system.  For an action RPG, that’s a definite drawback.  They’re also adding back in the Japanese voices (since there’s more room on a BluRay disc, no doubt).  I wouldn’t be surprised if some other changes or additions make their way into the PS3 release, as well.  Just look at all the new goodies the PS3 version of Tales of Vesperia is getting.

Not a whole lot is known about the PS3 version at this point, including if the title will be coming to North America, but we do know its release date in Japan – February 4, 2010.  Even if we don’t see a release on this side of the Pacific, the title seems extremely friendly to importers, with both language tracks included and the region-free nature of the PS3.

[Via Kotaku.]

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