Star Realms Deluxe Collection Comes to Kickstarter Tomorrow

Star Realms Deluxe NOVA collects 250 cards worth of Star Realms goodness and tosses a nifty foil filter over the card designs.

White Wizard Games announced today that they’re bringing a deluxe version of their popular deck-building game to Kickstarter this week. Star Realms is still one of the most popular deck-builders out there and has given way to two different spin-offs. The game has also received 57 (!) expansions and promos over the years. It’s safe to say, that it’s very popular. And soon all of those fans can pick up the gorgeous new deluxe collection you can see below.

Star Realms Deluxe NOVA Collection is absolutely massive. The game collects Promo Pack 1, the Gambit Set, Crisis: Bases and Battleships, Events, Heroes, Fleets and Fortresses, the Cosmic Gambit Set, and the Star Realms base set. That’s over 250 different cards. Oh, and I forgot to mention that they’re all now foil versions of the original game. That’s quite a package.

Surprisingly, White Wizard Games isn’t done there. You’ll also get six new score dials to help track everything and a massive game board. If you’re a big fan of Star Realms or looking to check it out, this might be the best way to get the full experience. There’s just so much included in this box and it all looks beautiful. WWG has yet to provide information on the price (at least from what I’ve been able to track down), but I would be surprised if it doesn’t hit somewhere around $100. We’ll know for sure tomorrow.

Star Realms Deluxe NOVA Collection hits Kickstarter tomorrow at 10 am EST tomorrow. If you’re a fan of deck-builders, it’s definitely worth a look.

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