Star Renegades Gets Huge Free Winter Update on PC

Star Renegades Gets Huge Free Winter Update on PC

A new planet, three adversaries and two behemoths all come as part of Star Renegades free winter update.

Star Renegades launched on PC back in September before hitting the Nintendo Switch and Xbox One last month. The super tactical strategy RPG has a gorgeous array of environments to explore and a range of great systems to keep players interested. While there’s already plenty of challenge within the game, developers Massive Damage have released a free update just in time for the holidays.

The update contains a range of new content including a brand new, more difficult planet, a handful of new adversaries and two new behemoths.

The new planet, named Prycon, is a frigid snowy world that is “far more dangerous and not for the weak-hearted.” On the new planet, players will come into contact with three new adversaries. Tempest, who can control the planet’s climate to benefit his team, Shivver, who is a “cold-hearted assassin” and Ogre, who is described as “one of the toughest adversaries the Imperium has ever created”.

The two new behemoths added within the update are known as Abomination and Siren and between them are likely to pose a huge threat to your band of rebels.

We really enjoyed the game, scoring it a 9/10 in our review, saying:

“Star Renegades is, at its core, a tactical rogue-lite RPG that’s laden with well thought out systems, a varied cast and a beautiful world. It’s an addictive foray across a range of planets in which you lead a bunch of misfits into battle against malevolent enemy forces. It’s a thinker’s game; a game where you need meticulous planning and a well considered approach in each battle, and I had a blast with it.”

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