Star Swim Takes a Late Night Dip onto PC and Mac

Star Swim Takes a Late Night Dip onto PC and Mac

You don’t see a lot of video game EPs. The format is more popular with your friend’s band who always is trying to get you to come out to a show. However, Canadian developer ceMelusine has embraced the album style with his ‘East Van EP’ series of games. The dev calls the collection that represent ‘several years of my growth as an artist and game maker.’ The latest game to be added to the group is Star Swim, making it the third of the planned 4-pack.

The work is similar in vein to ceMelusine’s most notable pieceGlitchhikers. There’s a surreal element to it and it’s more about exploring your environment and finding the mysteries within. In this case, that means swimming in public pool long after its closed. It doesn’t sound like the things that await (above, below?) are going to be good for your health however.

The other two games that are part of the EP are ORACLE (soothsayer sim) and Summon The Apgrod (surrealist bar tending at its finest). The entire package runs for $10 USD on ceMelusine’s page and it will be updated with the final game Scary Tapes mid to late 2017.

This is a pretty good price for 4 separate yet thematically connected titles that carry the devs trademark dream-like vibe. Plus you can support the entire EP structure. As, according to the East Van creator: ‘I think videogames, as a concept, should be more like music, so I’ve decided to pretend like they are.’

A small gallery of Star Swim can be found below: