Star Trek and Transformers Elite Bundles

Spooge. That’s the stuff that just filled your pants in excitement as you read the headlines, you geeky fans you. The thought of adding another Star Trek or Transformers piece to your collection makes you happier than a priest at a Thai orphanage. It’s Star Trek and Transformers, for God’s sake – the two most beloved series of our past (and now future)… and it’s Microsoft only, folks. No PlayStation 3 or Wii version for this one.

MCV reports that both Paramount Pictures and Gem are putting together two Xbox 360 Elite bundles to welcome the release of two of the most nerd inducing DVD releases of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen and Star Trek in the UK. Oh, that’s right… I totally forgot that this was UK only. How’s that fisting going my North American brethren?

The bundles both come with Elite console and an extra controller. However, you won’t be getting any actual DVD per se; the movies themselves will be bundles via a USB stick. The Star Trek bundle, though, does include a nice ol’ 800 Microsoft points to download Star Trek PDCL – a nifty addy for those of you who prefer to have digital copies of your things rather than the physical ones.

Pricing hasn’t been determined yet for these two appealing UK only bundles, nor has an exact release date yet been decided. Speculation kind of makes it seem as though both bundles might make their appearances alongside the November 16th DVD release of Star Trek, and November 30th release for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.

Are we getting the bundles? I would dare say probably not. Revenge of the Fallen was already released and Star Trek is just two weeks away with zero announcement. The bundles do look sexy, but it’s highly doubted that we’ll be seeing these geeky collections hit our North American homes… unless, of course, you want to import it and just have it as a collector’s thingie.

Anyone else want to move to the UK with me? They have free healthcare and we can stay over Gary’s house and prank him while he sleeps.

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