Star Trek: Bridge Crew is Now Playable Without VR on PC and PS4

Star Trek: Bridge Crew is Now Playable Without VR on PC and PS4

Star Trek: Bridge is now playable without a VR headset on PS4 and PC after a recent update, so everyone can get in on the Starfleet action.

Star Trek: Bridge Crew was one of the most interesting titles in Ubisoft’s initial lineup of VR titles, allowing people to finally role-play as Captain of their own Starfleet Ship in VR, making it all the more immersive. In response to fan requests, Red Storm Entertainment and Ubisoft have announced that the game will now be playable on both PS4 and PC without a VR headset.

The developers hope that adding this functionality to the game will expose Star Trek: Bridge Crew to a whole new audience of players. That being said, VR players and non-VR players will still be able to play with each other, so this addition won’t divide the game’s community.

The PC patch also adds support for Windows Mixed Reality headsets. This update also includes some graphical updates to make the game look better for non-VR players, but those with high-end PCs will be able to see the improvements for themselves. At the end of the video promoting the addition of non-VR compatibility, one of the developers promises that there are some “additional cool things” still in the pipeline for Star Trek: Bridge Crew, so it doesn’t seem like Ubisoft is done with the game yet.

You can check out a brand new developer diary explaining the decision to add non-VR compatibility below. Star Trek: Bridge Crew is currently available on PC and PS4.