Star Trek Online Launches Star Trek: Discovery Tie-In "Age of Discovery" Today

The massively multiplayer online game based on the long-running sci-fi franchise will get a new update based on CBS All Access show Star Trek: Discovery.

Viewers of Star Trek: Discovery on CBS All Access can get an extended look at the world of that show through the next Star Trek Online update. Titled Age of Discovery, players of the online role-playing game can create a new captain set in the era of the television show starting today.

Coinciding with the upcoming release of season 2 of the show, Age of Discovery takes place shortly after the Battle at the Binary Stars, the inciting incident of Discovery. Players will team up with happy-go-lucky Cadet Sylvia Tilly from the show, who will be voiced by the character’s television portrayer Mary Wiseman. They will then find themselves subject to a Klingon attack, led by comic book character J’Ula.

The update will include new locales from the show, such as Starbase 1 and Corvan II. Fans of Star Trek: Enterprise may notice a new character named Thy’kir Shran, the son of Thy’lek Shran from the prequel show. More updates for Age of Discovery will come in the future, but for now, here are the notes on this first update.

  • Playable Discovery Era Federation Faction – Players can create a brand new Discovery era Federation Captain with a new tutorial experience and explore Starfleet in the year 2256, just after the Battle at the Binary Stars.
  • Two New Episodes – Players from all factions can explore two new episodes, where they will be tasked with fending off Klingon boarding the U.S.S. Glenn, and defending Starbase 1 from an assault by Klingon House D’Ghor.
  • New Task Force Operation – Queues in Star Trek Online will now be known as “Task Force Operations.” Age of Discovery’s newest Task Force Operation (TFO) will take players back to 2256 through historical simulation to protect Starbase 1.
  • Random Task Force Operations System – Those who queue for a randomly selected TFO through this new system will be rewarded with a large bonus, along with the standard rewards for completing the challenge.
  • Streamlined Mission Journal – The Mission Journal has been streamlined for all Federation factions, in order to help new players better access the main story content in Star Trek Online. This affects Task Force Operations, which now unlock earlier in progression.
  • Added Reputation Tier – All reputations will be extended to Tier 6 and will include upgrades to existing rewards, plus some new ones.

The trailer for the updates and some screenshots are below. Age of Discovery will hit PC first, with the update coming to the PS4 and Xbox One versions at a later date.

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