Star Trek Online Coming to PS4 and Xbox One This Fall with Graphical Upgrades

on May 12, 2016 12:04 PM

Popular PC MMORPG Star Trek Online will be releasing this fall on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The game will come with additional upgrades, including new modern lighting technologies that will improve the visual quality of the game and a complete overhaul of the game’s UI.

New lighting technologies allow Star Trek Online to look better than ever on console. Executive producer Stephen Ricossa described the changes as “more immersive” and “beautiful”. If you are playing on PC, fear not, these changes are also coming to the PC version of the game later this year.

As well as the new lighting system, the Star Trek Online team has entirely redesigned the UI. Not only did they rework the UI graphically, they also entirely rewrote the back-end systems. Their goal was to create an incredibly streamlined back-end system, while also making a brand new experience purposefully built for the controller.

There’s no word on when we will see more of the game, but one would expect that we will see something at E3 2016 next month. Check out the trailer and some screenshots down below.

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