Star Trek Online Developers' Blog Showcases the Romulan Ship Progression

By Dana Abercrombie

April 20, 2013

Releasing in one month and one day…yes thirty one days; May 21st 2013 to be exact, Cryptic Studios is accomplishing a first for Star Trek Online by releasing the first ever expansion pack. Legacy of Romulus will feature the Romulan Republic as a new playable faction and…Roluman Ships! Yesterday the studio published a new develpers’ blog post detailing their progression.

As we all know…or should know, Romulans are the masters of cloaking technology. Therefore, all Romulan warbirds come enabled with a Romulan Battle Cloaking device, allowing for them to…wait for it…enter and exit cloaking even while in combat. Not bad.

Furthermore, Romulans come with a Subterfuge racial trait. Lost? Basically it makes their ship harder to detect while being cloaked, thus increasing the damage bonus they receive when exiting cloaking. Still lost? You can avoid enemy attacks easier.

There’s quite a lot more to know about the new Romulan Ship progression, and if you want to read about it you can head to the official developers’ blog post published yesterday. You can also see the pictures of the ships in the gallery below.

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