Star Trek Online Developers Rewatch All Available Related Episodes Before Producing New Content

on February 10, 2014 11:42 AM

It is not secret that Cryptic, developers of Star Trek Online, are huge fans of the Star Trek franchise. It shows in their knowledge of the ships, characters, aliens, and resonates in the storylines they have put out since the game’s release back in 2010.

Before developing new content for the game, the developers will typically go back and watch old episodes from all the shows, Lead Producer Stephen Ricossa told The Escapist. Examples include the recent Legacy of Romulus expansion pack, along with the expansion’s enemies, the Elachi, whom were taken from Enterprise‘s “Silent Enemy.” Along with their own research, the team regularly receives input from those involved with Star Trek over at CBS, the company that currently holds the majority of the Star Trek license (TV rights).

Star Trek Online is currently celebrating its fourth anniversary, and Season 8.5 was released last month.

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