Star Trek Online Devs Detail the New Mogh-Class Klingon Battle Cruiser

on December 11, 2013 11:07 AM

According to Star Trek Online‘s developers, the upcoming Mogh-class Klingon Battle Cruiser is the Klingon Defense Force’s response to the Federation’s newly released Avenger-class Battle Cruiser (i.e. an equivalent for Klingon players). The ship is influenced primarily by the Vorcha-class, which is considered a mainstay of the fleet, and 2012’s Bortas-class.

The ship was designed in a way that would make it look more maneuverable and versatile while still retaining a threatening posture in battle. “There’s nothing on this ship that doesn’t have a use in combat,” Star Trek Online developers explained in their latest blog, “there are visible hardpoints for all of the Mogh’s weapons, including a large, distinct weapon point in the center of the ship for the Mogh’s special Dynamic Defense Deployment System, a versatile rapid defense deployment weapon designed specifically for the ship…We exaggerated the armor plating on the Mogh to emphasize the combat aspect of the ship even more. Even the ship’s windows are covered with armor plating when it goes into battle. No stray shot is taking out this ship!”

The Mogh-class Battle Cruiser will be available to players tomorrow, December 12th, 2013. You can check out a gallery of the new ship below.

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