Star Trek Online Devs Provide Details on Ship Interior Redesign

on November 8, 2013 1:55 PM

When Star Trek Online first added ship interiors nearly three years ago, players complained about their size and how the ships did not really feel alive. There were giant hallways, peppered with doors of varying sizes, along with only a few usable rooms. You could not even sit in the captain’s chair on your bridge.

Jeff Miller spoke about the changes that will be made to ship interiors on the Star Trek Online Blog when Season Eight: The Sphere launches later this week. “The ideas and suggestions we came across all seemed to point towards two things: 1) Dynamic hallways, and 2) A smaller, more compact feel. I am pleased to tell you all that the new design caters to both of these aspects,” Miller explained, “the halls are dynamic and were built in sections that can easily be swapped out with other things. For example, if a mission calls for the player to be in a more engineering type deck, we can very easily swap out a paneled wall section with piping…The way the new hall kits are made let us do cool new things like this a lot easier.”

The new “Origin” bridge will also be added to the game along with the new hallway design. You can check out a gallery of both below.

Star Trek Online: Season Eight – The Sphere launches November 12th, 2013.

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