Star Trek Online Devs Talk About the Design of Voth Ships

on October 18, 2013 7:25 PM

Designing the Voth ships for Star Trek Online‘s Season Eight content was not as easy as you may think. In one of their latest developers blogs, Star Trek Online‘s developers delved into the type of material they had to work with when crafting the new ships.

As mentioned before, the Voth only made one appearance in Star Trek‘s canon, in one episode of Star Trek: Voyager. Depicted in this episode were two ships: one very small, and one very large. With what little canonical information they had in hand, the developers utilized this information to find, “visual elements that were symbiotic between the two canonical ships. A variety of these elements were isolated and used to create a visual design language for the Voth’s ships. We created this language knowing that we would have to create anywhere from three to five new Voth ships. This acted as a strong stepping stone for deciding where to start.”

The art design also took into account, “the needs of our Systems Designers in regards to ship-based powers. Sometimes art needs to compensate for “gamey” functionality, as it is important to translate certain information to the player purely through art. As a result, features visible on some of the smallest Voth ships are shared with some of the largest.” However, even with these guidelines, the art direction was still considered to be very loose.

You can check out a gallery of the Voth ships below.

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