Star Trek Online Has Over One Million Players

on February 4, 2010 1:54 PM

No one could’ve expected anything less from a game that carries the name “Star Trek,” let alone an MMO that lets you experience the vast universe that is Star Trek. ┬áThere are probably more Star Trek fans in this world than there are Buddhists – ok, maybe that’s a bold statement, but the amount of Trekkies that permeate this world is unbelievable. So, in reality, it doesn’t come as a surprise when publisher Atari revealed that the company’s established MMO has already attracted over one million registered accounts in it first release week – which, undoubtedly, will grow in the coming weeks.

But, when we look at the number of MMOs who’ve crossed the path of World of Warcraft, we can only begin to wonder whether or not Star Trek will suffer the same fate of deniability. However, when we count the amount of Star Trek enthusiasts out there, and just think of how 90% of them will use this as a means to grasp this expanding universe and “role play”, one can only think that it will do fairly well, given that it has undergone a pretty impressive start.

My stomach churns as I ponder on the amount of Star Trek nerds currently sitting in front of their computers munching away on dehydrated space food with an undersized Star Fleet sweater, adhesive Vulcan ears, and a tub of Jello which they disgustingly slurp, as they talk into their greasy headsets shouting Star Trek lingo at one another, all while molding a cast of their bodies on their helpless fart-infested chairs. Sadly, I’ll be joining these folks.

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