Star Trek Online: Legacy of Romulus Pre-Order Bonuses Announced

By David Rodriguez

April 18, 2013

When Star Trek Online: Legacy of Romulus drops on May 21st, 2013, players will finally be able to indulge their new three-year long curiosity of being able to play as a Romulan (and Remans). Cryptic Studios has released a new trailer, just over a month before the expansion is scheduled to be released, detailing certain bonuses that can be acquired at a discount price if players reserve them before launch day.

There are two packs available for pre-order (the expansion itself is free, players are paying for premium items), the Starter Pack and the Legacy Pack. They are detailed below:

Starter Pack ($19.99, $31 value)

  • T’Varo Light Warbird
  • T’Varo Warbird Retrofit
  • Liberated Borg Reman Officer
  • Survivor of Romulus Title

Legacy Pack ($124.99, $181 value)

  • D’deridex Warbird Retrofit
  • Mogai Warbird Retrofit
  • Dhelan Warbird Retrofit
  • Premium Romulan Faction Species – Reman
  • Starter Pack + Nine Extra Items, including: Scorpion Fighters, D’ridthau Warbird Battle Cruiser, Valdore Heavy Warbird, Special Reman Duty Officer Mini-Pack

Even for all the content being provided. $124.99 seems extremely over-priced. However, with the way STO has grown, and the popularity of the Romulan storylines and faction, it may be worth to a fair amount of people. No word has been given as to whether or not these items will eventually be made available for purchase individually. Complete details on the Legacy/Starter Pack items can be found on the official STO website, linked below.


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