Star Trek Online PlayStation 4 Trophies Revealed

Star Trek Online PlayStation 4 Trophies Revealed

The full trophy list for Star Trek Online has appeared on PSN Profiles. The game was previously confirmed to be heading to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One this fall, though no specific date has yet been given.

Star Trek Online sports thirty seven trophies, with a platinum, four gold, eleven silver, and twenty-one bronze. A majority of the trophies require you to complete a specific story arc in the game, while others are the standard reach level x/gather all of x/do everything type.

You can read the full trophy list below:


  • The Final Frontier: Collect all other trophies


  • The Path to 2409: Discover all the Path to 2409 lore
  • Specialist: Spend 30 points in any Captain Specialization
  • Fleet Admiral: Reach Level 60 with one character
  • Admiral: Reach Level 50 with one character


  • Vacation Vistas: Visit all the Vistas on Risa
  • The History of New Romulus: Discover all the New Romulus lore
  • Shadows of the Solanae: Discover all the Solanae Dyson Sphere lore
  • Restful Resort: Explore the Risa summer resort
  • Rear Admiral: Reach Level 40 with one character
  • Lieutenant Commander: Reach Level 10 with one character
  • Discovering the Dewans: Explore New Romulus
  • Desert Drifter: Explore Nimbus
  • Curious Cadet: Read all of the plaques on Starfleet Academy
  • Commander: Reach Level 20 with one character
  • Captain: Reach Level 30 with one character


  • Wasteland: Complete the Wasteland story arc
  • Warzone: Complete the Warzone story arc
  • Vigilance: Complete the Vigilance story arc
  • Vengeance: Complete the Vengeance story arc
  • The Iconian War: Complete The Iconian War story arc
  • The Delta Quadrant: Complete The Delta Quadrant story arc
  • Spectres: Complete the Spectres story arc
  • Solanae Dyson Sphere: Complete the Solanae Dyson Sphere story arc
  • Romulan Mystery: Complete the Romulan Mystery story arc
  • Resistance is Futile: Get Assimilated by the Borg
  • New Romulus: Complete the New Romulus story arc
  • Lieutenant: Complete a Tutorial
  • Klingon War: Complete the Klingon War story arc
  • In Shadows: Complete the In Shadows story arc
  • From the Ashes: Complete the From the Ashes story arc
  • Fek’Ihri Return: Complete the Fek’Ihri Return story arc
  • Empire: Complete the Empire story arc
  • Cardassian Struggle: Complete the Cardassian Struggle story arc
  • Breen Invasion: Complete the Breen Invasion story arc
  • Borg Advance: Complete the Borg Advance story arc
  • Allies: Complete the Allies story arc