Star Trek Online Surpasses 1 Million Console Players

on October 28, 2016 1:55 PM

Developer Cryptic Studios announced that the console versions of Star Trek Online have collectively surpassed 1 million players.

Star Trek Online, a free-to-play massively multiplayer online game, originally launched in 2010 for PC. The Xbox One and PlayStation 4 iterations arrived only last month.

An infographic revealed 59 percent of people are playing as Command officers, 22 percent as Engineers and 19 percent as Science officers. The most popular of the three available factions is Starfleet, with a tal of 68 percent of players, while 20 percent are in the Klingon faction and 12 percent are in the Romulan faction.

The developer also released which ships were used most on both consoles. On Xbox One, the Negh’Var Heavy Battlecruiser is the most popular, with the Scimitar Dreadnaught and Eclipse Intel Cruiser coming in second and third, respectively. The Negh’Var Heavy Battlecruiser again comes in first on PS4, trailed by the Malem Light Warbird and the Tactical Escort. There are 1,617 fleets currently in service.

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