Star Trek Online’s 2013 Winter Wonderland Activities Detailed

on December 2, 2013 5:45 PM

Star Trek Online‘s famous non-playable character, Q, will once again be holding his annual holiday event. Access will be granted to all characters on Earth Spacedock, Qo’nos, and New Romulus Command – as long as they over level 10. Phasers and disruptors will not be allowed at the event, with snowballs and snowball projecticle weapons are allowed.

The cross-faction player-versus-environment event, “Winter Invasion,” will be the premier activity of the event, supplemented by a pie-eating contest and the following returning events:

  • “The Fast and the Flurrious”, the competitive race that rewards Epohh tags to breed special winter Epohhs that can be kept as non-combat pets, or turned in for Marks of your choice.
  • “The Fastest Game on Ice”, the race that grants you those coveted glossy pictures of Q to redeem for a new starship.
  • Fight the snowmen that Q brings to life to win holiday commodities.
  • Find hidden accolades around the map.

Additional information pertaining to the event’s prizes, secret or otherwise, will be posted tomorrow on the developer’s blog.

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