Star Trek Online's Al Rivera Details Characters and Storyline For Possible Use in Future Seasons

After being operation for nearly three years, Star Trek Online has amassed a huge fleet, totaling over 250 playable ships, and has utilized characters and storylines from all of the series and films, ranging from 1967’s Star Trek: The Original Series to elements from 2009’s Star Trek. The developers have indicated that they do not plan on stopping there.

Despite utilizing aliens and characters from the Alpha and Beta Quadrants, Lead Designer Al Rivera still has a populous list of other subjects the development team wants to explore including, “V-Ger, The Whale Probe, the Hur’q, those rubber vomit looking Neural Parasites from The Original Series, Space Jelly Fish, etc.” They also want to delve into more Gamma and Delta Quadrant aliens. However he added that in lieu of creating all-new storylines, they, “really like to pick up unfinished storylines from the show.”

Star Trek Online‘s fourth anniversary celebration festivities are expected to be announced soon, as is the content for Season Nine.

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