Star Trek Online’s Brandon Felczer on Voice-Acting, Poker Nights, and Anniversary Content

on December 10, 2013 2:40 PM

2013 has been a hallmark year for Star Trek Online, with the additions of Legacy of Romulus (the game’s biggest infusion of content since its launch in 2010) and Season Eight: The Sphere. However, the game’s status as an MMO means that it has to constantly look towards the future, and Star Trek Online still has a lot of areas where it can improve and add content.

In a recent interview with UFPlanets, Star Trek Online‘s Community Manager Brandon Felczer commented on the game’s prospects looking forward after the recent release of Season Eight: The Sphere – though his answers were largely general, and merely served to confirm questions without delving into too much detail.

“We’d absolutely love to have more VO added in 2014. You’ll have to stay tuned to see who joins us next!,” Mr. Felczer said when asked about future voice-actors being brought on. On the subject of the next Romulan warbird, “One of the things we’ve mentioned recently is that the next Romulan Warbird would most likely be a “science” ship,” Mr. Felczer answered, while adding that plans are always subject to change. On the subject of The Next Generation-style poker minigame, Mr. Felczer revealed that it is currently not on the drawing board. He also confirmed that work on the fourth anniversary event is well underway.

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