Star Trek Online’s Cruiser-Class Ships to Receive Upgrades, Dyson Sphere Content Detailed

Star Trek Online’s Cruiser-Class Ships to Receive Upgrades, Dyson Sphere Content Detailed

Ship classes in Star Trek Online are broken up into three groups which subsequently conform to the three major divisions of the Starfleet command structure: Engineering, Tactical, and Science/Medical. These three divisions are modeled after the most basic of classes that you would find in role-playing games; Defense/Tanking, Damage Dealers, and Healing/Debuffing, respectively.

Cryptic has released information regarding key upgrades (known as Advanced Comm Arrays) which will be rolled out with the release of the Avenger-Class Battle Cruiser (and later on added to all Cruiser-Class ships across all three factions). These upgrades will enable Cruisers to function more like tanks, drawing hate to themselves frome enemy ships and coordinating the tide of battle. The upgrades are detailed below:

Command – Strategic Maneuvering:

  • While this Command is active, the cruiser and nearby allies have their flight speed and turn rate increased. This Command is intended to give slower starships such as carriers, dreadnaughts and cruisers a needed boost to their turn rate and flight speed as long as they stay near the cruiser with this Command active.

Command – Shield Frequency Modulation:

  • This Command boosts the shield regeneration rate and shield hardness of the cruiser and nearby allies. Shield Frequency Modulation is a defensive Command intended to increase the survivability of allied ships.

Command – Weapon System Efficiency:

  • The Weapon System Efficiency Command reduces power drain from weapons by 25% for the cruiser and nearby allies. This Command will reduce the significant drain from directed energy weapon fire. Ultimately, this will lead to higher sustained damage and quicker recovery from firing energy draining powers like Beam: Overload.

Command – Attract Fire:

  • This Command will increase the cruiser’s threat generation and decrease the threat generation of the cruiser captain’s nearby allies. Additionally, the cruiser gains a moderate damage resistance rating boost plus an additional amount of damage resistance rating for each nearby ally (up to 5 allies). This Command’s threat reduction will not be applied to other cruisers with Command – Attract Fire active.

Cryptic also detailed their process of constructing Dyson Spheres for their upcoming Season Eight content, which they described as, “one of the most challenging and exciting things we have done on the STO Environment team, as it is unlike anything else we have created in the past.” The development team cited the sheer size of the spheres as one of the biggest hurdles to overcome.

Cryptic has promised to reveal more information pertaining to Dyson Spheres in the coming weeks. You can check out screenshots of the upcoming content below.