Star Trek Online’s Daniel Stahl on the Voth: “We Wanted Someone Technologically Imposing”

on December 4, 2013 2:43 PM

The release of Star Trek Online‘s Season Eight: The Sphere brought with it a new reputation system and the Dyson Sphere adventure zone, which featured the game’s newest villains, the Voth. The developers at Cryptic took different stories and plot points from Star Trek: The Next Generation‘s season six episodes “Relics” and “Schisms” and Star Trek: Voyager‘s season three episode, “Distant Origin,” in order to form the framework for Season Eight of Star Trek Online.

“We wanted someone technologically imposing that would be drawn to the even more advanced Dyson Sphere tech,” Star Trek Online‘s Executive Producer Daniel Stahl explained when asked about his choice for the Voth as Season Eight’s villain, “as for the Voth’s superiority, I’d say it’s more of a case of us catching up in the intervening 30 years than them being reduced to our level.  The Voth have been at the top of the technological ladder for a long time; the alliance is trying to challenge them for that title.”

Star Trek Online: Season Eight – The Sphere was released on November 12th, 2013. Mr. Stahl offered no details regarding 2014’s Season Nine content, citing that the developers would like to keep details on that content close to the vest.

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