Star Trek Online’s Dyson Sphere Concept Art Released

on August 19, 2013 2:43 PM

One of my biggest requests of the Star Trek Online development team at Cryptic has been that they should focus on more obscure elements of the Star Trek franchise. They have done this here and there, and with their most recent release of concept art, it appears the trend will continue.

“Relics,” an episode from season six of Star Trek: The Next Generation, featured a massive structure known as the Dyson Sphere. The Dyson Sphere was constructed around a star in order to harness its energy and protect the enclosed civilization from other interstellar hazards. The sphere encountered in the show was abandoned and non-functional. Dyson Spheres are set to be featured in upcoming content in Star Trek Online.

Check out the gallery below for concept art of the Dyson Sphere and its creators.

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