Star Trek Online’s Fleet Galaxy-Class Dreadnought Detailed

on March 5, 2014 11:10 AM

Star Trek Online‘s developers have gone on record saying that after the release of the Enterprise F and the Odyssey-class, their attention shifted to the Enterprise D’s Galaxy-class, the “luxury liner.”

The Galaxy-class will be updated this week, and Cryptic has revealed the details of the fleet version of the ship. It will come complete with, “standard +10% Hull Hit Points and Shields, and a 10th console slot.” The following special abilities will be available to both fleet and standard versions of the ship:

  • Universal Cloak Console – The Fleet Galaxy Dreadnought will support the use of the Universal Cloak Console, but will not come with the console itself (If you own the C-Store Galaxy Dreadnought, you can equip the console from that ship onto the Fleet version).
  • Hangar Bay – The Fleet Galaxy Dreadnought will have one Hangar Bay Slot, filled with 1 Type 8 Shuttle pet, although it can also equip any standard Federation hanger pet.
  • Saucer Separation – The Fleet Galaxy Dreadnought will also support Saucer Separation. The Fleet Galaxy Dreadnought does not come with the Saucer Separation Console itself (You may equip it if you have purchased the Galaxy Class Exploration Cruiser Retrofit from the C-Store, which includes the console).
    • The separated saucer pet of a Fleet Galaxy Dreadnought has a more tactical flavor than the standard Galaxy Saucer pet. It is equipped with Dual Phaser Cannons, and a mini-Phaser Lance.
    • Phaser Lance Wide Beam – When the Saucer is separated, the Fleet Galaxy Dreadnought’s Phaser Lance standard beam becomes a Wide Beam attack (like a sawed-off shotgun). Damage is only slightly reduced, but the affect area is much larger.
  • Antimatter Spread on Saucer – When equipping the Antimatter Spread console on the Fleet Galaxy Dreadnought, the separated saucer pet will gain the Antimatter Spread ability.
  • Set Bonus – The Antimatter Spread Console and Saucer Separation Console will enjoy a 2 piece set bonus. Equipping both will grant you:
    • +20 Starship Starship Hull Plating skill
    • +20 Starship Armor Reinforcement skill
    • +1 Turn Rate bonus

The Galaxy-class reboot is scheduled to be implemented 10AM PST this Thursday, March 6th, 2014.

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