Leaked Star Wars 1313 Image Appears to Back Up Rumors of it Being a Boba Fett Game

New Star Wars 1313 leaked image points to the game using Boba Fett as the main protagonist and gives us a great look at Coruscant in game.

The saga around Star Wars 1313 development is long and troubled. LucasArts formerly revealed the game at E3 in 2012. The team planned to make a gritty, mature take on the seedy underbelly of the Star Wars universe. However, Disney purchased the Star Wars property and subsequently terminated the game. Before 1313 was officially canceled, it was heavily rumored that players would be stepping into the shoes of Boba Fett, the galaxy’s most famous bounty hunter. A newly leaked image seems to point to that, in fact, being the case. Give it a look below.

LifeByTheSword shared the image on Reddit. It’s unclear where the image originated from, but what it does show looks pretty great. It’s tough to be certain that the character in the image is Boba Fett. That said, it is certainly someone wearing Mandalorian armor, which definitely gives the rumors a bit more credence. You’ll also notice the UI has you using a blaster and what appears to be some type of flamethrower. It’s hard to imagine someone other than a bounty hunter working with that kind of arsenal.

While seeing what could be Boba Fett in the game is undoubtedly cool, the city skyline of presumably Coruscant is what makes me wish the game was real. Outside of the Lego Star Wars games, we haven’t gotten to visit the Imperial Center much in games. With a population that hits over one trillion, the potential for an intricate society full of fun characters is incredible. Mixed with the more mature take on the fiction, it’s easy to imaging how ripe the setting is for an excellent video game.

Unfortunately, we’ll never get that game. They abandoned Star Wars 1313 along time ago. That said, we got a great addition to the Star Wars saga last year with Jedi: Fallen Order. Maybe we can get a game that reuses a similar theme to 1313 in the near future.

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