Star Wars 1313 Leaked Footage Shows Boba Fett in Action

Things that we didn't see in the 2012 demo.

January 27, 2022

Star Wars 1313 is almost dead, but it’s worth it to take a look at how playing as Boba Fett would look like in the latest leaked footage.

Star Wars 1313 is probably the biggest canceled video game project from this massively popular universe created by George Lucas.

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What makes it even harder for fans is the fact that the game was canceled after an incredible gameplay demo that was showcased at E3 2012. If players would have never seen that footage, it might be much easier to forget about this game.

With fans eager to get more information on the canned projects, we get some new details on Star Wars 1313 every now and then from unofficial sources, but the latest leaked footage of the game is something big that you wouldn’t want to miss.

Check Out Boba Fett Walking in the Markets of Coruscant in Star Wars 1313

As shared by The Vault, a group known for its research on the canned Star Wars Battlefront 3 project, this new footage of Star Wars 1313 shows off Boba Fett walking in a market probably in the planet of Coruscant, where the epic battle of the game’s demo showcase was taken place.

Soon after, the video jumps to a more action-oriented mission where Boba Fett is chasing a target and the player faces many platformer challenges in between, probably reminding you of your Tomb Raider or Uncharted journeys.

While walking in the market, you can spot that the UI for Boba Fett’s character on the right bottom corner shows three different parameters, which could probably relate to the character’s special gadgets or abilities.

Although there are currently many Star Wars titles in development at various studios around the world, none of them could make fans happier than when getting Star Wars 1313 back.

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