Star Wars Battlefront II to Add Count Dooku, New Geonosis Game Modes Tomorrow

Star Wars Battlefront II to Add Count Dooku, New Geonosis Game Modes Tomorrow

Despite recent tumultuous news, EA and DICE are continuing support for Star Wars Battlefront II, with Count Dooku finally coming to the game on Wednesday.

Hey, remember Star Wars video games? It turns out, EA is still working on those. Although the game from their Vancouver team is frozen in carbonite, EA is still committing to their Star Wars projects. Going with that, DICE reminded Star Wars Battlefront II players of their previously-announced plans regarding Count Dooku. Sorry—Lord Tyranus.

Double the pride, twice the fall.

Dooku, voiced by The Clone Wars voice performer Corey Burton, is said by DICE in their blog post to have highly lethal attacks and a wider blocking range and less stamina depletion when compared to other playable heroes and villains in the game. As a downside, Dooku falters in deflecting blaster shots.

His special abilities include the Lightning Stun, which Dooku uses to throw enemies to the ground. “Expose Weakness” makes targets slower, and increases the amount of damage that they take—if Dooku is the one to deliver the final blow while targets are in this state, the ability will automatically recharge. Finally, the Duelist Ability will give Dooku’s lightsaber combat sequences a speed and damage boost.

As with any character in Star Wars Battlefront II, expect some more “Appearance” skins for Dooku. These will include the “Dark Ritual Appearance” coming on January 30, the design originating from season 6 (aka The Lost Missions on Netflix) of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Another unannounced Dooku skin will arrive in February.

With Geonosis being a recently-added locale in Battlefront II, this Count Dooku update will also bring other game modes to the red planet. These game modes are Heroes vs. Villains, Blast, and Custom Arcade, providing players smaller maps to play around in.

For now, EA is still sticking to the roadmap established late last year, with young and edgy Anakin Skywalker coming to the game next month. Along with the Chosen One will be a “new” game mode that is basically the old-style Battlefront game mode with command points to capture.

The Count Dooku update for Star Wars Battlefront II will be live tomorrow, January 23.