Count Dooku Comes to Star Wars Battlefront II on January 23

Count Dooku Comes to Star Wars Battlefront II on January 23

The amount of content in Battlefront II has nearly doubled since we last met, Count.

Despite a sluggish start out of the gate when it released in 2017, DICE and EA have more plans to continue pumping out content for Star Wars Battlefront II in 2019.

To kick off the new year, DICE recently announced all of its plans for the game in the month of January. For the next three weekends, Battlefront II will be having Triple XP sessions associated with specific game modes. The first of these three events will begin on January 4 and will center around Heroes vs. Villains game modes, the next focusing on Troopers starting on January 11, and the final being that of Starfighters beginning on January 18.

By far the biggest content plans for this month though are that of Battlefront II’s Darth Tyranus update. This free content patch will roll out on January 23 and will most notably include the new Hero character Count Dooku, which will be purchasable in-game. In addition, Dooku will also have a skin variant called “Dark Ritual” which as of this writing hasn’t been revealed yet. Plus, a new Coruscant Guard variant of the Clone Trooper will be coming in this update.

This Count Dooku update is just the first of many that DICE has planned for Battlefront II this year. Next month will bring the Hero character of Anakin Skywalker, along with a new game mode. As of this writing, release date details for that update haven’t been given yet, but we’ll likely hear more in the coming weeks.

Star Wars Battlefront II is available now on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.