Star Wars Battlefront Beta Will Be Open to Everyone; Contains Offline and Online Modes

on September 17, 2015 8:54 AM

Earlier this month, EA announced a Star Wars Battlefront beta phase coming in October. Now, they revealed a number of new details about it.

The community update revealed that the beta will include both offline and online modes. The online multiplayer modes are Walker Assault on Hoth and Drop Zone.

“The beta will consist of both our offline and online modes including co-op and split-screen co-op, and it will take place on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and via Origin for PC, so we have you covered regardless of your next generation platform of choice.”

There will also be an offline mission called Stranded on Tatooine. You can play it solo or with a friend, either online or couch co-op.

Finally, the beta will be open to everyone, so no one will miss out on trying Star Wars Battlefront.

“Now that we have officially announced the beta, most of you are just itching to know how you can get in. Well, we’re excited to say that the beta is open to everyone!”

Star Wars Battlefront is set to launch on November 17 for the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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