Star Wars: Battlefront Developers Comment on Gameplay, Graphics, Maps, “Bullshots” and More

Star Wars: Battlefront Developers Comment on Gameplay, Graphics, Maps, “Bullshots” and More

Following the Star Wars: Battlefront reveal, EA DICE’s developers are scrambling to respond a the hundreds of related questions literally raining on them from all sides, and they’re sharing a lot of interesting info:

First of all, switching between first and third person is as easy as clicking a button:

We also get a small initial overview of the vehicles we’ll get to pilot:

The experience will be different and unique compared to Battlefield, strongly focused on fun gameplay. We also get a glimpse on one of the modes.

Models will have between 8 and 40 players.

Some information was also provided on destructible environments:

Multiplayer will require online, but you’ll be able to play missions on your own or in split-screen co-op.

Te game’s Producer is also providing more information on Reddit,

First of all, the trailer is considered “very representative” of the actual graphics of the game and not a “bullshot.”

Is this direct gameplay footage? Do you e.g. see the HUD? No, that’s accurate. Consider this something like a cutscene. Do cutscenes not look like the game when you’re playing? Obviously there may be subtle differences from time to time, but this trailer is very representative of what the game does indeed look like.

I can’t talk about min-spec, but it’s not we’re going to require Windows 10, an operating system that’s not even out yet! : )
Showing a trailer like this is not a matter of confidence, it’s a matter of how we want to show the game now. As a comparison, you rarely see early movie trailers being straight clips from the game, and more like a montage of events with rapid cuts. This trailer intended to show a lot of different parts of the game – e.g. all the planets, Darth, Boba Fett, etc. – and really set the right Star Wars tone. We believe this was the best way to achieve that.

Look, I understand the skepticism, and I don’t want to sit here and write that the experience on November 17th will be 100% pixel-perfect 1:1 ratio with this trailer, but in broad terms, this is what the game looks like. I know of all the bullshot stories; this is not one of them.

Unfortunately, we probably aren’t going to see actual gameplay soon.

I honestly don’t know. I don’t believe the plan right now is to show the gameplay footage.

The team is preparing for the amount of traffic the game is going to receive on day one.

We are doing a lot to prepare for the amount of load that we’ll receive day 1. We already knew that for BF4, and despite any issues that game had, load issues weren’t one of them!

We also get some info on the available maps.

Hoth, Endor, Tatooine and Sullust are the four planets, yes. And then Jakku as a free DLC very soon after launch.
There’s more maps than that, but these are the primary locations. Remember there’s been a LOT of work put into re-creating those environments, more so than I’ve ever seen before, and I think that attention to detail will show when it launches. This is about quality over quantity, for sure.