Star Wars: Battlefront Devs Talk About the Challenge of Customization, Jedi, Planet Variety and More

Star Wars: Battlefront Devs Talk About the Challenge of Customization, Jedi, Planet Variety and More

Star Wars: Battlefront keeps sparking discussion and interest among fans, and the game’s developers continue to trickle down interesting pieces of information.

Today Producer Jesper Nielsen explained what is the challenge the studio is facing when dealing with character visual customization:

“There’ll be more details on customization opportunities later, but I’ll share our challenge: of course it’s great to give people opportunities to customize their appearances, but when you work with Star Wars, consider how many people you upset if you start breaking the canon?

There’s a lot of passionate fans out there how analyze even the tiniest details, and can direct ample critique if we do something different from OT just for the sake of making it different. We want this to be a very, very authentic Star Wars game, and we have had to take that into account for everything we wanted to do customization wise.

Challenging, but possible to work with : )”

He also talked about the relation between content and fun:

“This right here is the problem. We have very early on stated that we are rebooting the franchise, and this means that there will be changes. If you have this mindset, of course you will feel disappointed. I’m just surprised at the reactions since we’ve said that we’re starting “fresh” and from scratch for a while.

Nothing has been “removed” – this is a new start.

Also, on your list you do have at least a few errors I can point out: – There are more than 8 map – There is not a traditional SP campaign, but the “Missions” are filling that gap – Regarding classes, there will be more info about stuff in that area later

I’m also not saying that it being SW automatically makes it fun. The great gameplay is what makes it fun. Space battles or GC or any of the other things you mention won’t automatically make it fun either.

Fun is not something you achieve by getting a certain list of features done. Fun can be achieved by even the smallest of games. If you want to discuss fun and the amount of features in the same sentence, something is just not right.

Regarding the AT-AT’s; I don’t think you can properly judge their “epicness” feeling just from knowing they’re on-rails. I understand the skepticism, but just don’t jump to conclusions.”

Something close to the hearth of many could be the possibility of things changing due to fan feedback:

“Some things are simpler to change than others, for sure. And we still have a lot of work ahead of us. People are definitely listening to feedback, and things are being discussed and sometimes experiments being made. However it’s far too early to say if it leads to any specific changes – but people are definitely listening!”

Something very intriguing was shared by Environment Artist Daniel Cambrand, who mentioned that planets in the game are very different in the way they behave. What that means is quite mysterious, but it’s certainly interesting.

So far EA DICE only announced Darth Vader and Boba Fett as heroes, but those who want to play Jedi will not be disappointed.