Star Wars: Battlefront Gets Awesome New Screenshot, Info on Character Customization, Missions and More

Star Wars: Battlefront Gets Awesome New Screenshot, Info on Character Customization, Missions and More

Today the Star Wars: Battlefront team at EA DICE delivered some treat, in the form of information about the game and a brand new screenshot (which you can see above).

The image was confirmed an actual screenshot by Community Manager Mathew Everett on Reddit.


“Screenshot Confirmed!”

The AT-ST also appeared in another image:

Everett explained that this one is a render of an in-game asset:

“This is an actual in-game model rendered within Frostbite taken out of the game world.”

He also gave more information on character customization:


Yes, you will be able to customize your characters in a number of ways, from selecting various character models and loadouts to choose your emotes that best suit your playing style. We’re going for an authentic, immersive Star Wars experience that makes you feel like you’re a part of this galaxy. That said, we won’t be letting players create purple Stormtroopers or change Darth Vader’s suit to orange. The team wants to maintain a level of immersion that they are striving to create. We will be jumping into further detail around customization in the near future.

We also hear that missions will happen on the same planets as the multiplayer maps, but they’ll include a specific mix of locations.

“Missions will take place within the same planetary offerings as the Multiplayer maps. But will include a mix of locations that cater to the specific Missions.”

Gameplay Director Gustav Halling also talked more about missions and their targets:

Everett also teased the hero system, working across multiple game modes and types:

“I think everyone is going to like how the hero system works across multiple game modes and types. Stay tuned for the full details.”


While, as we already know, the game will normally run at 60 FPS, split-screen co-op will actually run at 30:

Finally, we get a little treat from Senior Video & Media Director Roland Smedberg, showing the reveal patch and a mouse pad exclusive to the development team: