Star Wars: Battlefront Gets Info on Ewoks and Maps; Weekly News Promised

Star Wars: Battlefront Gets Info on Ewoks and Maps; Weekly News Promised

E3 is coming fast, and with it the first gameplay debut of Star Wars: Battlefront, but if you’re content with new information on the game, you don’t have to wait that long, as Community Manager Mathew Everett is keeping everyone posted on Reddit.

First of all, we hear that if you want to see some fluffy Ewoks in the game, there will definitely be some on Endor.

“Ewoks are 100% on Endor.”

When EA Dice confirmed twelve multiplayer maps and four planets, many guessed that that meant three maps per planet. According to Everett, that might actually not be the case.

It’s 12 Multiplayer maps total and even more locations among the planets for Star Wars Battlefront Missions. We have not confirmed the precise count per planet.

“The maps will offer a nice mix of locations and environments. Stay tuned as we reveal new maps, modes, etc. in the months ahead.”

A follow-up post seems to imply that the mission maps might not be the same as the multiplayer ones.

“Fairly sure we never said ‘3 maps per planet’ I know we said 12 multiplayer maps with even more if you include missions.”

Interestingly, Everett mentioned that we can expect news posts on the official page weekly.

“You can also read a bunch of news here weekly.”

Asked to clarify if that meant what we thought he meant, he also explained that he predicts the pace getting quicker soon.

“That seems to be our track record as of now. I foresee it becoming more often in the near future : )”

As an added bonus, just for giggles, looks like the folks at EA DICE just jinxed themselves. If we have to rely on the Stormtroopers’ aim, the game might very well miss E3…