Star Wars: Battlefront Gets More Info on Vehicles, Controls, PC Version and More

Star Wars: Battlefront Gets More Info on Vehicles, Controls, PC Version and More

After the successful showing at E3, Electronic Arts is more willing to talk details about Star Wars: Battlefront, and so is Community Manager Mathew Everett, who provided some interesting information on Reddit.

First of all, he mentioned that if you don’t use the vehicle power-ups you get, you’ll loose them, to avoid trolls hogging them without using them:

“It’s a good thing if they don’t use it they will lose it.”

He also explained that speeder bikes on Endor won’t be on rails (I guess we’ll see a lot of crashes), and that the snowspeeder walked takedown sequence we glimpsed in the recent trailers wasn’t final.

“The Snowspeeders full functionality is not final. The game is still very much in Alpha and we have a little ways to go to finalizing the game.”

The moment in which the TIE Fighter suddenly swoops down is also not a forced movement:

“It’s actually not a forced action, it is player initiated / controlled.”

Everett also explained that you can’t dodge or roll, even if you “kind of” can dodge when you have a jet pack equipped.

“Soldiers, can strafe, crouch and take on normal movement traits. However, you can really increase your mobility options or even kind of dodge when you have a jetpack equipped. But your can’t roll or dodge.”

If you’re waiting to see how the game looks on PC, there isn’t much more waiting to be done.

“We will be sharing more live PC gameplay footage in the near future.”

lastly, if you’re curious on how you switch from first to third person on PC, now you know:

“1st to 3rd on PC is the ‘C’ key on your keyboard.”