Star Wars Battlefront II’s New Crate System is Revealed in Recent Video

Star Wars Battlefront II’s New Crate System is Revealed in Recent Video

A new video shows how the upcoming shooter will give players the option of unlocking a variety of Star Cards and other items within the game.

During E3 2017, EA announced that their upcoming shooter Star War Battlefront II would not be receiving a season pass after the game’s launch, which made many fans happy. Of course, that doesn’t mean that EA would opt out of giving players the option to spend money within the game altogether.

In a new EA sponsored video from YouTube channel BattlefrontUpdates, we get our first look at how the sequel will take advantage of a new crate system. Those that play other competitive shooters — most notably Overwatch — should be familiar with this new element of Battlefront II upon seeing how it works.

In the video, we see a handful of these crates opened to reveal that most of the items you receive will be Star Cards, crafting parts, and more credits. The Star Cards specifically serve as the main items that you will earn from these crates and they allow you to add a variety of different abilities to your character classes. The Star Cards come in four different rarities — common, uncommon, rare, and legendary — where the ones of higher rarity will give your characters better abilities.

As far as the crafting parts go, these allow you to upgrade your current Star Cards that you have to increase the ability of that specific card. For example, if you are playing as Darth Maul and have a Star Card equipped that gives you a specific bonus to one of the Sith Lord’s attacks, you could use your crafting parts on that Star Card to increase that bonus even further. The higher the rarity of the Star Card however, the more crafting parts it will take to upgrade. Plus, any duplicate cards you may receive upon opening a crate are then automatically converted to crafting parts.

Additionally, in the video it is made clear that what we are currently seeing from this crate system will most likely be changed by the time that Battlefront II releases, so by no means should you consider this as the final product.

You can check out the video below to get more details on this new crate system as well as seeing it in action. Battlefront II releases later this year on November 17 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.