Star Wars Battlefront II Will Introduce General Grievous Next Week

When two lightsabers don't cut it, four will.

Next week Star Wars Battlefront II will see the arrival of General Grievous as part of a free General Grievous update that will arrive on October 30.

General Grievous is to have the largest body frame compared to the other characters in Star Wars Battlefront II, and will be equipped with two lightsabers when performing base attack sequences. However, he is also capable of using four lightsabers to perform Thrust Surge attacks and Unrelenting Advance attacks. He’ll also be voiced by Matthew Wood as we learned on October 17 when it was detailed that Clone Wars hero characters would be voiced by those from the animated show.

Thrust Surge will find Grievous thrusting forwards with all four lightsabers with a stabbing motion which fans of Star Wars might recall seeing in action in the Clone War series. Unrelenting Advance will see Grievous spinning four lightsabers in front of him, forming a wall that produces sparks up from the ground, this was seen in the Revenge of the Sith movie.

A Claw Rush Ability will be available and allows General Grievous to flee the fight by dropping onto all of his six limbs and rushing through anyone that stands in his way.

Star Wars Battlefront II will have General Grievous equipped with a default Jedi Hunter appearance and an additional Battle Damaged Appearance that can be purchased with credits earned in-game or with Crystals. You can find out more about these types of currency in our review on the title. Another appearance will be available at a later date on November 28 when the Battle of Geonosis Update launches. That update will introduce Obi-Wan Kenobi and the planet of Geonosis arriving to Galactic Assault.

The update will also introduce tweaks, such as replacing Hero Star Cards with low usage and replace them with Hero Health Star Cards. These will be broken up into two types, a Health on Defeat Star Card, and a Defeat with Ability Star Card. Additionally, players are to see time-limited Clone Wars-era Playlists for Hero Showdown and Heroes vs. Villains.

The Star Wars Battlefront II General Grievous update will land on Tuesday, October 30 2018 for Xbox One, PC, and PS4 and will be free.

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