Star Wars: Battlefront II Will Feature Finn and Captain Phasma; Free Expansions and Post-Launch Content

Star Wars: Battlefront II Will Feature Finn and Captain Phasma; Free Expansions and Post-Launch Content

During EA's presentation at E3 2017, the company made note of the upgraded features of the game, which will include an overhaul of the amount of content.

With the launch of the first game in 2015, one of the larger criticisms of EA’s Star Wars: Battlefront (even by Star Wars actor John Boyega himself) was the lack of content that the previous title offered. However, the upcoming Star Wars: Battlefront II seems to be making good on expanding it and providing players with more to do in the galaxy far, far away.

During EA’s press conference at EA Play 2017, new details were shared about the upcoming Battlefront II, with the clear focus being to expand on the amount of content that players will be able to enjoy in the sequel. Specifically, the new title will feature “more than three times the content of the first game,” marking a pretty big upgrade from the first title.

This includes some upcoming new features shared by actor John Boyega in an on-stage video during the presentation, which will include Finn and Captain Phasma as new playable characters, and Crait as a brand new map, offering players a look at the new planet that will be featured in the upcoming Star Wars: Episode VIII – The Last Jedi.

The game also has an expanded focus on post-release content, which will include “themed seasons” and events, while all post-launch Heroes, Maps, and other content will be free to all owners of Star Wars: Battlefront II after launch, ensuring that players will keep playing the game after launch. The first of the themed seasons will include an event centered around Star Wars: The Last Jedi, while future seasons will also keep things fresh with challenges, quests, and more.

New Heroes and characters will also come with brand new selections of Star Cards, while players will also be able to customize their heroes and classes using the different rarities of Star Cards – Common, Uncommon, Rare, and Epic – by playing and completing matches or unlocking them through Crates.

Star Wars: Battlefront II will release for PS4, Xbox One, and PC on November 17th, 2017.