Star Wars Battlefront Is Set To Receive A New Content Update In January

on January 21, 2016 3:24 PM

One of the biggest concerns gamers faced when Star Wars Battlefront was released was how the game’s downloadable content would be handled. EA and DICE don’t have the most encouraging reputation when it comes to publishing first person shooters of this kind, and the game did come with a $50 Season Pass teased right off the bat.

However, the game received a pretty substantial update for free in December to promote “The Force Awakens” in theaters. The Battle of Jakku DLC added two maps and a brand new gameplay mode. Now, evidence has surfaced that more free content is headed to Battlefront this month.

Video from EA Brazil surfaced and has since been removed that showed off a new map on Tatooine (fingers crossed for Mos Eisley!) as well as new costumes for heroes, at least Luke and Leia. It also seems that Daily Challenges, Private Matches and Special Community Events will become regular events in Star Wars Battlefront.

EA is definitely aware of this leak, and is teasing the update to curious fans on Twitter.

Free maps and weapons for a game like this is never a bad thing, and it would likely bring some players back who haven’t jumped in a while to test it all out.

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